Nissan S13 Turn Signal LED Conversion Kit

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Modernize the lighting of your Nissan 240sx / Silvia today and be seen. This kit is an easy to install kit that will improve the overall look of your car by the use of a full LED board rather than the universal low output replacement LED bulbs that are available online. 

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The boards are custom designed to fit in the housing with zero modification required to the housing or any of the wiring. It simply plugs in and sticks to the inside of the housing through the use of high quality 3M mounting foam. 

These bright turn signals use a total of 112 Piranha Superflux LEDs that provide more than a enough lighting power and will ensure people on the road can see your signaling during both day and night time operation. Unlike most kit provides a flasher relay specifically designed for LEDs to ensure that hyper flash does not occur due to the high efficiency and low current draw that this LED kit provides. 

This kit uses PWM to produce the running light to ensure utmost efficiency in the circuit rather than through the use of extra resistors like some other kits that are made. This also allows output to be manipulated when the flasher is on and allows the full flash effect to be possible and subtly modernizes your lighting to a more so OEM modern style lighting.

  • 112 Superflux Piranha LEDs 

  • Easy Quick Install 

  • Comes with LED Flasher Relay

  • Operates at Low Voltage 

  • Full Flash Feature 

  • No Cutting or Modifying is required


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