Nissan S13/ S14 Chassis LED Flasher Relay CF13

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Properly convert your car to LED with this CF13 flasher relay that is specifically designed for LED retrofits. It eliminates the hyper flash that occurs after the install of LED lights in the S13 and S14 Chassis. 

This a by far better solution compared to installing resistors to the original harness to the original wiring harness. Installing resistors can be inefficient and produce heat in areas that you wouldn't want it to. Here is a couple of reasons as to why you should by this relay if you are planning on converting any of your turn signals to LED:

  • Simple Plug N Play 
  • No cutting and adding Resistors 
  • Cleaner simpler install 
  • Less heat is produced
  • Higher Efficiency
  • Works with all LEDs

 CF13 Relay also works with other vehicles and isn't particular to the S13 and S13 Chassis




Follow Description Pics for Install